3 Drug Development Principles for Smart SMEs

I was inspired to post this article after someone said to me, “The drug development skills learnt in big pharma translate naturally to the biotech world … you just have a smaller budget”. While the technical skills are essentially the same, I feel strongly that the context and mindset in which they are applied are fundamentally different. This article highlights three ways in which “smart” small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) conduct drug development.

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Creating a Culture of Productivity and Collaborative Innovation

As six months have now elapsed since its initial publication in the peer-reviewed journal Research-Technology Management (RTM), we reproduce here the full text of the paper authored by myself and Timo Lotta. This paper documents a comprehensive case study of how Orion Pharma’s R&D organization was transformed to implement a results-oriented “open R&D” model through proactive culture change.

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Root Causes of the Pharmaceutical R&D Productivity Crisis

Root Causes of the Pharmaceutical R&D Productivity Crisis

Why are success rates in pharmaceutical R&D so low? And unlike many other industries where technology has accelerated R&D, why has the productivity trend in pharmaceutical R&D been worsening over the past few decades? As the reasons are not obvious, I thought it would be illuminating to many of my blog readers if I summarized the key findings of the most influential studies and papers investigating the root causes of the pharmaceutical R&D productivity crisis. Full references to all the papers mentioned are provided at the end of this article.

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Do you Manage your Alliance Partner like a Supplier?

Some companies manage their important collaborators and alliance partners as if they were strategic suppliers. But this does not always make sense for every commercial and R&D alliance in today’s networked business world. In this article, we outline how the approach adopted for alliance management has evolved from the strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management paradigms, and discuss in more detail why it needs to go well beyond those roots in certain circumstances.

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