Besides my blogging on this website, I also write business books, longer papers and the occasional bylined article for online magazines. Listed below are the highlights.

Full-length Books

The Bioscience Startup Journey

The new book I’m currently writing, due to be published in Spring 2021. It’s a guidebook for bioscience entrepreneurs on their business building journey—click here to read the blog post with the contents list. You can read the book before everyone else and help me by being a beta reader. Click here to find out more about the beta reader programme.

Biopharma R&D Partnerships

Published in 2016, this was my first full length book. It’s about “David & Goliath” partnerships—bilateral arrangements in which one partner is a small bioscience or academic organisation (David) and the other a large multinational corporation (Goliath). Click here to find out more about the book and where to buy it.

Platform Technology Papers and Articles

Everything You Need to Know About Biotech Business Models
January 2018 publication commissioned by Labiotech.eu. This article explains how a platform technology innovator can develop its business model over time.

Managing the Strategic Evolution of a Bioscience Platform Company
January 2015 publication that collates into one white paper three in-depth posts from my blog. This paper looks at how successful bioscience platform technology companies evolve over time.

These are seminal articles that others interested in bioscience platform companies refer to. For example, this article in the Fall 2018 issue of Drug Discovery World quotes “Robert Thong’s thoughtful and well-articulated analyses” and uses my descriptive framework for platform technology business models.

R&D Management Papers and Articles

Creating a Culture of Productivity and Collaborative Innovation: Orion’s R&D Transformation
Feature Article in the May–June 2015 issue of Research-Technology Management 58:3, 41-51. This paper, in a peer-reviewed journal, describes how the R&D organisation of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company transformed its innovative processes.

Transforming Biomedical R&D: Reflections on Two Decades of R&D Improvement Initiatives
April 2013 white paper that reviews industry attempts over the previous two decades to improve biomedical R&D performance.

David-and-Goliath Collaborations
November 2014 publication that collates into one white paper three in-depth posts from my blog about R&D collaborations between small biotechs (or academic groups) and large multinational companies.

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