Welcome to my website. I’m a strategy adviser and business mentor for bioscience and healthcare companies. My focus is small/medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups. I also write and lecture on bioscience business topics.

Help me develop my new book!

I’m currently writing my next full-length book: The Bioscience Startup Journey. It’s a guidebook for bioscience entrepreneurs on their business building journey. I’m looking for volunteers to be beta readers—get the chance to read the book before everyone else!

What I Do

Recent Blog Posts

Announcing My New Book for Startups

At long last, I have now started serious work on my new book for startups: The Bioscience Startup Journey. Two chapters are already written. And I’m now recruiting beta readers who’ll help me write the book in an agile development way.

Two Common Business Model Misconceptions

This blog post highlights two common misconceptions that bioscience startups often have with respect to their new venture’s business models. These misconceptions can lead to poor decisions that result, at best, in resource-wasting delays before a self-sustaining enterprise is established, and at worst, in their venture’s premature demise.


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Cover image by Moo YuenSheng from Pixabay