Inspiration and Instigation

Bioscience SMEs and startups are my principal focus. I collaborate closely with their leaders and owners. I’ve worked mostly on business models & strategy, alliances & partnerships, commercialising innovations and growth strategy, including development of the corresponding management processes. By clarifying what really matters in a particular situation ad identifying relevant options, I inspire better decisions. And by orchestrating ex ante planning and ex post learning, I instigate more effective actions.

How I Work with Startups and SMEs

In some cases, I’m engaged on a focused project for a few weeks or months. For example, I might help with the business plan for the next funding round, or orchestrate the periodic business model and strategy review. Or I might support a partnering, M&A or asset spinout transaction. I’ve also worked with investors to review opportunities and conduct due diligence.

In other cases, I’m retained on an ongoing basis for a prolonged period. I might be a mentor for the CEO and Management Team, challenging their thinking across many different areas. Or I could be more focused on a particular activity such as business model evolution or commercial development. I’m also able to operate in non-executive director or board observer roles.

It’s evident from my books and blogging that I’ve had a long-held interest in business model development, innovation-driven growth, business-to-business partnerships and platform technology businesses. Besides this focused expertise, people say they like working with me because I can also draw upon 30 years’ experience working with over 100 distinct organisations from 14 different countries.

Cover Photo by Slidebean from Unsplash