R&D Productivity and Culture Change Paper

Timo Lotta and I are pleased to announce the publication of our paper in the peer-reviewed journal Research-Technology Management (RTM) . This paper documents a comprehensive case study of how Orion Pharma’s R&D organization was transformed to implement a results-oriented “open R&D” model through proactive culture change

The full bibliographical reference is: Thong, R. and Lotta, T., “Creating a Culture of Productivity and Collaborative Innovation: Orion’s R&D Transformation,” Research-Technology Management (RTM) vol. 58, no. 3 (May–June 2015), pp. 41–50.

The paper’s abstract is as follows:

“Faced with a weak new-product pipeline, functional silos, a hierarchical management style, and an inward- looking mindset, Orion’s R&D organization needed to dramatically improve its productivity and adapt to a new R&D paradigm sweeping across the pharmaceutical industry. In response, its R&D management team designed and implemented an organizational transformation process based on proactive culture change. Through incremental initiatives and a comprehensive reorganization, the company built a more open, collaborative, and results-oriented R&D organization able to thrive in the evolving pharmaceutical industry.”

For copyright reasons, I am not allowed yet to reproduce the paper on this blog, but you can obtain a copy from the Research-Technology Management (RTM) Journal or online via IngentaConnect.