The Bioscience Startup Journey

Announcing the Beta Reader Programme for my forthcoming book, The Bioscience Startup Journey. I’m practising what I preach by seeking early adopter feedback so that I can deliver a much better final product. You can join the Beta Reader Programme by clicking one of the two buttons on this page. Please read below how the programme works before you sign up.

How does the Beta Reader Programme work?

The Bioscience Startup Journey comprises twelve chapters organised into four Parts. If you haven’t already read my blog post with the list of chapter contents, click here . After you sign up, you will receive Part I. Each time you complete reading a Part and email me some helpful comments, I will send you the next Part when it becomes available. Helpful comments could include what you liked or learned, what you agreed or disagreed with, what could be explained better or what was missing. Also, I’d love to hear if you have examples from your own experience of similar companies or situations to what I mention in the book.

The top 20 to 30 beta readers whose comments I found especially helpful will receive a free, signed, paper version of the final published book. They will also be personally recognised and thanked in the book preface. Any beta reader who sends helpful comments on all four book Parts qualifies for a free e-book copy of the final published book—readable on smartphones, tablets and e-reader devices. Alternatively, qualifying beta readers can elect to receive a paper copy of the completed published book for the cost of printing and postage.

When you sign up, you will be asked for your preferred Reading Format:

  • Epub – Apple Books apps; Android e-book apps; Kobo e-readers and apps.
  • Kindle – Kindle apps on Apple or Android devices; Amazon Kindle e-readers.
  • Pdf – Printable in A4 (or US Letter) portrait layout.

To save paper, I encourage you to read the epub or kindle versions. They work like real e-books—you can change the text size and font, and they should open on your device in the appropriate reading app. The pdf version is a manuscript draft for A4/US Letter portrait printing. Although the content is the same, it has not been typeset—the paragraphs will not be justified, and page breaks may occur in random places. Please bear in mind you will be reading a beta version of each book part. While I use automated grammar and spell checking, the text will not have been professionally edited nor proof-read.

Progress on book writing

As of early August 2020, Parts I and II have been completed and are available. My plan is to have Part III written by September/October and Part IV by December/January. I hope to have a complete revised version, incorporating your comments, ready by the end of March 2021. It will then be professionally edited and proof-read in time for publication in the spring or summer of 2021.