Advisory Work

I collaborate closely with the management teams and owners of startups and small/medium enterprises (SMEs). What I work on includes business models & strategy, alliances & partnerships, commercialising innovations, growth strategy and management process. In some cases, I’m engaged on a focused project for a few weeks or months. For example: business plan for the next funding round; periodic business model & strategy review; partnering or M&A transaction; investor due diligence; product or technology spinout. In other cases, I’m retained on an ongoing basis, either as an adviser for a specific set of topics, or as a mentor for the CEO & Management Team. Such engagements could include observer or non-executive board roles. Owing to the synergy with my writing and teaching, I’m continuing to deepen and broaden my expertise in:

  • Business model development and strategy for startups.
  • Convergence of biochemical, digital and nano technologies in therapeutics and diagnostics.
  • Platform technology businesses.
  • Partnerships.

I can also draw upon 30+ years working with 100+ distinct organisations across 14 countries. My experience spans many kinds of business model, therapeutic areas and management issues—see table below:

You can peruse my formal biography here: LINK or BUTTON