Interventions & Consulting

I work closely with the leaders and managers of bioscience businesses. Many of the organizations I help are independent small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of 10 to 1,000 people, or similar-sized standalone units of larger corporations. Those I have collaborated with tell me I help to:

  • Challenge assumptions and inject new ideas.
  • Weigh up alternatives, clarify thinking and synthesize coherent action plans, often in very complex situations.
  • Align everyone involved in order to make things happen quickly and effectively.

Perhaps I can help you and your colleagues do the same! Please use the contact page to get in touch initially and I will be delighted to discuss your requirements over the phone or face-to-face.

Depending on your needs and your organization’s specific circumstances, I can operate in three different modes, namely:

  1. Short focused interventions; or
  2. More complex projects of a longer duration; or
  3. Retainer arrangements.

(1) Focused Interventions

I can come in and work with you and your colleagues on a very focused set of issues for a short elapsed duration of a few weeks (in some cases even a few days)—usually at a key point of inflection in the life cycle of your project, product, organization or business. Examples of such focused interventions include:

  • Designing, preparing and facilitating a business strategy offsite, partnership kickoff event, mid-collaboration renewal event, or launch of a major change initiative.
  • Coaching the team negotiating (or re-negotiating) a specific partnership, including how best to set up (or modify) the collaborative arrangements to greatly enhance the odds of success.
  • Guiding the team developing an overall corporate partnering strategy or specific asset partnering strategy.
  • Reviewing a planned internal change initiative or external acquisition program as a second set of eyes.

(2) Projects

In some cases, you might prefer me to support a project of several months’ (or even longer) elapsed duration with a specific pre-agreed mandate, scope, budget and set of deliverables. The role I would play varies depending on your needs and the fit with my own skill set—I could for instance be a change facilitator, executive coach, trainer, expert opinion provider, project manager or initiative leader. Examples of such projects include:

  • A major acquisition and external partnering initiative, often involving multiple deals.
  • A complex internal initiative including significant structure, process and culture changes.
  • Parternership or acquisition due diligence support with a focus on organizational, collaborative quotient and culture fit aspects; including developing a plan for post-deal integration and operating arrangements.
  • Execution of post-deal integration and operating arrangements.
  • Development of in-house project leadership and alliance management capabilities, specifically in the context of smaller (“David”) organizations who have to collaborate with much larger multinationals (“Goliath”).

(3) Retainer Arrangements

As an alternative to the structured project framework outlined above, I can also work with you via an ongoing retainer arrangement to, for example:

  • Act as a coach and thinking partner for the entire leadership team, specific executives or the team managing a large complex strategic initiative.
  • Chair a collaboration’s joint steering committee.
  • Contribute as on an advisory or non-executive board member.